As leading providers of a wide variety of hydraulic cylinders, we operate within a global marketplace. Offering all our OEM clients a customized solution, we pride ourselves on being able to tailor what we do to meet the changing needs of our clients. Whether you need a change in volume or a tighter deadline, we will always do our utmost to get the job done to the highest possible standard.

Whether you’re creating fork lift trucks or industrial trucks, our single and double acting lifts are suitable for many different materials handling applications. We’re used to working with a wide variety of clients in order to ensure that the parts they need are exactly what they want and available when needed. If you’re involved in construction, our range of cylinders are offered in a variety of different bores and lengths, so there’s always one that’s suitable for what you’ve got in mind.

If you’re looking for highly durable cylinders that can cope with a selection of challenging environments, we can meet your needs. Our cylinders aren’t just made to stringent standards; they’re also rigorously tested to ensure they won’t let you down when sustained performance is vital.

We provide top quality hydraulic cylinders for a number of different agricultural applications. In addition, if your business is aerial platforms, we’ve got plenty of experience in producing the components you need for success. 

JHPL’s has built a strong track record of meeting the highest quality requirements with very short lead-time from order to shipment on a very large number of individual part numbers. Our production processes are extremely well suited to meet.

JHPL has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of a wide variety of cylinder types serving in construction equipment applications. With bore diameter capabilities in excess of 160 mm in diameter 180 mm & lengths of up to 7 Meters.

JHPL manufactured cylinders are commonly seen in some of the most demanding applications, including “on highway”. Mobile equipment which is subject to the dynamics of moving down the road are subject to the elements of that environment. R

Large Mobile Equipment typically used in demanding “off road” applications often have very robust specification requirements for components such as hydraulic cylinders. Given the nature of the work being performed, typically hydraulic cylinders

The highest attention to quality is of great importance to all World Class or serious mobile equipment manufacturers. As a matter of routine, people work in, on and around this equipment. JHPL’s experienced engineering design team works closely.

The Agriculture industries use a wide variety of mobile equipment. The applications range from very sophisticated- highly technical to the more basic low tech requirements. JHPL has the full range of experience in the design and manufacturing.